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Warmly recommended

Business Spa

Experience our large spa area in the beautiful Westerwald with pool, sauna area, ice fountain, relaxation room, fitness area and an outdoor area.

Visit our exclusive business spa!

Pay a visit to our exclusive Business Spa, where a large swimming pool (18 by 9 metres), a special relaxation zone and a gym with modern cardio equipment all await you. Soothing massages are available at good-value prices, and further facilities include three saunas at different temperatures and hydro-massage showers. There is a fresh air area in which you can cool off before enjoying a mineral or fitness drink at the modern bar.

Burn off energy in our big pool!

Not only used as a welcome way to cool off after a relaxing sauna session. At 9 x 18 metres, this is a spacious hotel pool where you can simply relax: the water depth of 1.45 m and temperature of 26° - 28° are perfectly suited for this purpose. Yet the pool is also perfect for swimming enthusiasts who don't want to miss a day's training during their stay with us.


Relax to the fullest in the sauna & steam bath

Steam yourself healthy. Treat your body to the soothing and wholesome effect of a sauna session. Steam baths are excellent for boosting the immune and autonomic nervous system. They make the body more resistant to pathogens and give you the great feeling of thorough physical cleansing – creating a sense of wellbeing which, in turn, has a positive effect on your physical health. Our steam bath has a 100% air humidity and a comfortable temperature of 45 – 50°C, which is pleasant and puts minimal strain on the circulation.

 Your skin will be grateful too. The increased blood circulation can have a great effect in this regard. Not for nothing do the inventors of the sauna, the Finns, say that women are at their most beautiful after a sauna session! Our Finnish sauna is furnished in classic style with wooden benches and a sauna stove, allowing you to experience temperatures from 80 – 95°C. Depending on your physical condition and sauna experience, you can try out benches of different heights to vary your session.

 At a mild 60°C, our Saunarium, often called the “Bio-Sauna”, is particularly suitable for sensitive people and offers a gentle and soothing alternative.

 A starry sky of wellness

 A glass door separates the relaxation room in the indoor area. Enjoy the silence and the gentle light of the starlit sky on one of the waterbeds. The additional play of light creates a soothing atmosphere in which you can leave everyday worries behind.

 Where's the best place to relax after an exhausting day?

 Picture gallery of our business spa