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Our rooms - your success

For small workshops through to major events – we offer you the right venue for working constructively and successfully. Our rooms combine tradition with modernity to create a truly special atmosphere that will inspire you. All our rooms are equipped with cutting-edge technology and are geared towards different group sizes. Our team is always on hand to provide your participants with the right sustenance

A look at the grounds of Hotel Schloss Montabaur 

An overview of our events rooms 

We offer you 32 meeting and events rooms of various sizes in the modern events centre, directly inside the Baroque main castle and in the external Haus Tabor building, Haus Humbach building, Zehntscheune building and VR20 buildings.  

Are you planning a multi-day event? 

Then you have come to the right place! Your participants can stay in our guest houses directly on site (not wheelchair-accessible) – all our events rooms as well as the Haus Humbach building with restaurant, bar and spa area are within easy walking distance.  


More than just a place to sleep: our rooms are real sanctuaries! 

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