food & Buffets

 Individual, balanced, healthy

Simply good: Our delicious buffets combine balance and freshness and offer a wealth of exquisite dishes and non-alcoholic drinks - of course we also ensure a selection of vegetarian and vegan components. So there's sure to be something for everyone!

Vital start

breakfast buffet

An all-round vital start to the day! The rich breakfast buffet offers everything to get you fit for an active and successful day: energy sources such as freshly squeezed orange juice or changing smoothies, honey directly from the beekeeper, homemade Bircher muesli, nuts, seeds and cereals are included, as well as yoghurts, natural and partly vegan milk and cheese. We get our sausage specialties directly from the local butcher and we prepare homemade spreads for you every day. We get our bread specialties, baked goods and pastries fresh from the local bakery.

fresh and wholesome

lunch buffet

At lunchtime, the buffet offers soups and fresh salads with various toppings (nuts, seeds, grains and much more) as well as fresh baked bread. You have the choice between two light and wholesome warm main courses and can enjoy a changing selection of homemade creams and delicious desserts.

For in between

Afternoon break

A wide selection of fresh cakes from our local bakery and exquisite coffee specialties make the Weitblick buffet restaurant the ideal place for your afternoon break.

cold & Warm

Dinner buffet

The cold and warm evening buffet convinces with fine antipasti, fresh bread and a high-quality cheese selection. In addition to fish and meat dishes, there are tasty side dishes that you can put together according to your taste.