Hosting conferences, broadcasting, producing

Are you looking for the right location for your video shoot? Then look no further.

Shoot like you’re in a pro studio: in our video studio in the Schloss Montabaur Campus, you can produce your video with professional equipment and under a wide variety of shooting conditions.

Whether it’s a live talk, video statement, product presentation, interactive online training session, employer marketing film or a digital or hybrid company event for clients and employees – we have everything you need and more.

Cutting-edge technologies such as green screen, a webinar cabin, a modern editing booth with several cutting desks as well as a seminar room for your office, props or make-up department make the Schloss Montabaur video studio the place to be for your event. With real-world backgrounds, green screens and digital technology, we can transform the studio into your desired setting and provide you with the conditions for a perfect shoot.

Our two studios (Studio 1 at 80 m2 and Studio 2 at 18 m2) offer the perfect setting for your specific requirements.

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Top Equipment

Professional studio equipment

  • High-quality video and audio equipment
  • Directors’ room with professional recording and editing equipment
  • Main studio with real background and various props
  • Green screen for on-brand set design
  • (Optional) seminar room for your office, props or make-up department, etc.

Advice and support

  • Developing events concepts (content)
  • Coordinating the agenda and shooting schedule
  • Defining the required technology
  • Technology checks ahead of the event
  • Advice and support from our production team